Temple University Women's Network (TWN)



The TWN’s mission is to strengthen Temple University’s diverse alumnae network by giving women an inclusive outlet for networking, education, mentorship and leadership.

The TWN Strives to:

  • Foster sisterhood and allow women to be a catalyst for change
  • Promote professional and personal growth and development
  • Increase and sustain the representation of Temple alumnae
  • Recognize and reward women alumnae for making significant contributions toward achieving the TWN’s objectives
  • Uphold and enhance Temple’s legacy and tradition
  • Support Temple’s vision and goals

TWN has multiple committees to support it's mission. Learn more about the different committees and how you can get involved.

TWN Officers & Directors at Large

Jessica Lawlor, SMC '10, President
Alex Crispino, SMC '12, Vice-President
Rachel Wolkiewicz, THM '11, Director of Communications
Mary Elizabeth Gantz, THM '05,  Director-at-Large, co-chair for events
Maura Marrone, THM '12, Director-at Large, co-chair for events
Helen Sanders, EDU '13, Director-at-Large, co-chair for community service
Dyan Krajnikovich, EDU '96, Director-at-Large, co-chair for community service
Jade Barnes, SMC '11, Director-at-Large, co-chair for social media and marketing
Lauren Cox, SMC '12, Director-at-Large, co-chair for social media and marketing
Emily Ascani, SMC '12, Director-at-Large, co-chair for regional involvement
Anna Hyclak, SMC'10, Director-at-Large, co-chair for regional involvement
Kaitlyn Sutton, SMC '14, Director-at-Large, co-chair for professional development
Heather Triolo, SMC '96, Director-at-Large, co-chair for professional development
Jumoke K. Dada, CST '99, Director-at-Large
Niki Ianni, SMC '12, Director-at-Large
Nicole Schafer, CHP '10, THM '14, Director-at-Large
Taneisha Spall, EDU '02, Director-at-Large
Diana Weiss, FOX '12,Director-at-Large 

Upcoming Events

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Previous Events

Temple Women's Network Kickoff Meeting, June 4, 2014
Networking Brunch, September 21, 2014
Global Day of Service at The Career Wardrobe Boutique, November 8, 2014
Holiday Extravaganza at Barcade, December 9, 2014
TWN NYC Happy Hour, February 28, 2015
To "Lean In" or not, that is the question: Women's Leadership Panel, March 7, 2015
Wine, Body and Soul, March 24, 2015
D.C. Happy Hour and Temple Trivia Night, April 11, 2015
High Tea, May 9, 2015
"ONE" Fabulous Year - One Year Anniversary Celebration, May 9, 2015
TWN First-ever Twitter Chat - July 28, 2015
TWN Take Me Out to the Ballgame - September 1, 2015
Second Annual Temple Women's Network Brunch - September 20, 2015
Temple Homecoming with Happy Hippies - October 10, 2015
TWN Global Day of Service at Project Home - November 7, 2015
Sangria and Savasna - November 15, 2015
Glitter and Glad Tidings - December 16, 2015

TWN Spotlight Series

Keep in Touch with TWN

Interested in learning more about getting involved? Please contact Jessica Lawlor, TWN president: jessicallawlor@gmail.com