TUmail for Alumni

As a Temple alumnus/a, you are eligible for a free AccessNet account through the Temple University Alumni Association, which includes a free @temple.edu email account.

Once you graduate, you will retain complimentary access to your TUmail and TUportal (selected resources) account for one year. After that one-year period, Temple University will notify you annually that your account is due to expire and you will have the option to renew it within TUportal. Renewing your account will enable you to continue using your Temple email address for the next year and give you access to these additional resources.

If your email account has expired or you'd like to create a new account, please click on the link below to obtain an annually renewable AccessNet account.

If you are experiencing other problems with TUmail or your accessnet account, please contact the help desk at 215-204-8000

Please note that your TUmail/TUportal account is different than you alumni website account. For issues concerning your TUmail or TUportal account, you will need to contact the help desk at 215-204-8000 for support.

Request a TUmail Alumni Account