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Temple University 2010 Alumni Directory Nearing Completion

In August 2009, Temple alumni began receiving notices via mail and e-mail about a new, yearlong project: the 2010 Alumni Directory. All alumni were asked to verify their basic directory information with Temple’s partner in the project, data company Publishing Concepts (PCI). The verification process serves two major functions: It is an opportunity for alumni to confirm or update their data on file with Temple, and it results in an accurate alumni directory, the first since 2005.

Frequently Asked Questions

I made my order several months ago. When will I receive my directory?
The total duration of the directory project is about 12 months; the directories will be distributed in late fall of 2010.

I ordered a directory/package over the phone and would like to cancel my order. How do I do this?
Call the PCI customer service help desk at 800-982-1590, and they will cancel your order.

If ordered a package containing the Companion Airline Voucher, when will I receive the e-mail with my voucher number?
Vouchers are distributed within 4 to 6 weeks of receipt of payment. If this time has elapsed and you have not received your voucher, please call the PCI customer service desk at 800-982-1590 to request that your voucher be sent.

Someone at PCI called me a few months ago about the alumni directory. I didn’t place an order at the time, but I would like to now. Can I still do that?
Although the directory is now being printed, you may still be able to purchase a directory for $106.90 (while supplies last.) Call the PCI customer service desk at 800-982-1590 to make your order.

I would like to update my personal information on file with Temple. Now that the verification process for the directory is over, how can I do that?
Alumni can update their personal information 24/7 at myowlspace.com/profile (login for verification is required). Or, alumni and friends may call 215-926-2500 or e-mail tucommunications@temple.edu with their updated contact information.

Temple wants to know what alumni are doing! At myowlspace.com/ClassNotes, alumni can log in to post their new, sucesses, announcements and other updates. Class Notes are visible to other alumni online, and are published in the Temple Review magazine.

Why does Temple produce an alumni directory every five years?

     ∙ Information changes quickly! Mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, children... the directory project is a way to help Temple ensure that your information is 100 percent up to date. 

     ∙ The 2010 Alumni Directory will be a permanent record for Temple, indicating who attended the university and where alumni are in the world as of 2010. 

     ∙ It will help you and your Temple friends stay connected to each other and to the university.

What should I do?
If you have received an e-mail or postcard with a telephone number, call the toll-free number and a representative will walk you through the short verification process. If you have received an e-mail with a personalized URL, you may go to the online site to check your information. It will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to verify your directory information.

What is Publishing Concepts?
Publishing Concepts, or PCI, is the company Temple is working with to produce its 2010 alumni directory. Located in Dallas, Texas, PCI creates and publishes alumni directories for educational institutions. PCI offers the staffing and expertise to reach Temple’s more than 265,000 living alumni and produce an accurate, timely directory.

What information were alumni asked to provide?
Alumni were asked to verify their contact information, marital status, occupation, non-Temple degrees and other basic data. They also were asked if they wanted to purchase the 2010 directory.

What if I didn't respond?
If you did not verify your information, you will be listed in the directory based on Temple's existing records.

How does Temple use my information?
Temple does not sell alumni data of any kind. Up-to-date information from alumni helps Temple to plan and provide the career services, programs, events and benefits that its graduates want and need. It also ensures the accuracy of the Alumni Directory.

What is included in the directory?
The directory is organized into four major sections: alphabetical, class year, geographical and career networking. The alphabetical listing includes name, degrees, and business and home contact information.

Can I choose what information is published or opt not to be included in the 2010 Alumni Directory?
When they spoke to PCI data representatives, alumni were asked to indicate what information they preferred not be included in the publication.

Whom at Temple should I contact with other questions or concerns?
Call Betsy Winter Hall, director of Temple University Alumni & Development Communications, at 215-926-2562.