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TUYA Helps Students Prepare for a Tough Job Market

TUYA Helps Students Prepare for a Tough Job Market

By Kristin Zartman
TUYA Advisory Council

Job searching is hard work. To begin you need a résumé, a cover letter, professional attire, and then — oh yeah — there’s the interview! As alumni, we’ve learned that trying to get that job interview is no simple feat, especially for students entering into a difficult job market. Knowing this, the TUYA teamed up with the Temple University Career Center this past spring for Temple’s first Student Networking event.

The program drew 150 students of from all levels (freshman to graduate), and provided them with an opportunity to hone their networking skills in a safe, constructive environment with 75 successful Temple alumni. 

“Practicing (and perfecting) the networking skill is scary and difficult to do, so being able to practice and get feedback from alumni makes the learning process extremely effective and less intimidating,” explained event organizer and Career Center Director, Rachel Brown.

The event began with a “how-to” networking seminar for students, teaching them the best tactics to use when starting a professional conversation. The students then were invited to join alumni in the Students Activities Center Annex, where they were challenged with this task: to engage at least three alumni in a brief conversation about themselves and their career goals. At the conclusion of each conversation, alumni provided feedback about the students’ networking skills including useful tips for improvement.

“We know there is such an important connection between the relational components of leadership and developing key networking skills,” explained Elizabeth Housholder, Program Director for Leadership Development at Temple.

Housholder went on to explain, “The Student Networking event served as a wonderful collaboration that created an opportunity to empower our students to build confidence and to connect with Temple alumni who want to support success at Temple. Many students shared that they grew professionally and personally from the new knowledge and wisdom they gained from Temple alums.”

According to survey feedback conducted after the event, the student networking session was extremely successful, and both alumni and students enjoyed the experience. When asked if the Career Center was interested in repeating the event Brown said, “Absolutely! It was one of our most successful events — the positive energy was contagious and student feedback evaluations were excellent and helpful.”

The Career Center and the TUYA plan to host the event again next year, so stay tuned in the coming months for a chance to volunteer your time and expertise to help Temple’s ambitious students prepare for the professional world.