We partnered with Temple graduate Brendan Lowry, creator of Peopledelphia, to highlight a few of the Global Days of Service initiatives. Click below to learn more and volunteer today.


woman in front of mural

Sonia Gailber: Philly Urban Creators

"Creating spaces where people feel safe to express themselves, and can eat good food for a reduced price is really radical when you consider how many barriers exist in certain communities, especially in communities of color."

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woman on park bench

Sydelle Zove: Share Food Program

"We have two Philadelphia’s right now. We have the prosperous, thriving, new-construction Philadelphia in the Center City area. And then you have the other Philadelphia, that has a poverty rate of almost 26%, and a third of that number lives in deep poverty."

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woman on Broad St. in Philadelphia

Shalimar Thomas: North Broad Renaissance

"What I love the most about Philly is you can go block to block and get a different experience… Including a walk down North Broad, which North Broad Renaissance hopes to make more aesthetically pleasing to create that same atmosphere so that people are more excited to be here."

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Man in front of building

Brian Jenkins: Chosen 300 Ministries

"The goal is to create a door for people to escape poverty once they’ve entered into the system. Part of our role as an organization is to make sure people have a way out of homelessness. We’ll give you an immediate meal, we’ll help you get a job, we’ll help you clean your record, and we’ll help you move ahead."

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