Tokyo Chapter of the TUAA

The quintessential mix of ancient and modern, Tokyo has welcomed Temple Owls for over 30 years. If you’re one of the more than 3,200 alumni who live in the land of sushi, sumo wrestling and Harajuku style, you’re automatically a member of this chapter.

Chapter Planning Board

Mayumi Alice Kitaoka, FOX ’14, Chair
Amanda Johnson Chehrezad, FOX '16, Vice Chair
Morgan Whitmer, KLN '14, Young Alumni Co-Chair
Dennis Jarvis, CLA ’13, Young Alumni Co-Chair
Joe Hug, FOX ’13, Young Alumni Co-Chair
May Rachel Silvestre, CLA '16, Social Media Chair
Sneha Bhavaraju, CLA '14, Secretary
Pankaj Garg, FOX ’09

Upcoming Events

Please check back soon for more events!

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