Temple University Young Alumni Association

The Temple University Young Alumni Association (TUYA) aims to enrich the lives of current alumni by educating, empowering and inspiring them by fostering a lifelong relationship with Temple and with one another. The TUYA Board act as a body of ambassadors not only for the university, but also for all young alumni, supporting the needs and interests of all members as well as the overall mission and goals of the university and the Office of Alumni Relations.

TUYA Board

As part of the larger Temple University Alumni Association (TUAA), Temple University Young Alumni Association is run by a 25-person board with four executive positions. Each executive is elected for a two-year election cycle from July 1 to June 30.

  • Darin Bartholomew, FOX ’14, President
  • Isaac Murphy-Trotzky, CLA ’12, Vice President
  • Nina Scherrei, CLA ’13, Director of Communications
  • Bryce Aichele, FOX ’14, Director of Recruitment
  • Ashante Carr, EDU ’10, Director-at-Large
  • Lindsay Casella, SMC ’16, Director-at-Large
  • Scott Dobson, CLA ’14, Director-at-Large
  • Joshua Finer, FOX ’15, Director-at-Large
  • Samuel Forman, EDU ’16, Director-at-Large
  • Eric Hamilton, FOX ’16, Director-at-Large
  • Scott Hartkorn, SMC ’10, Director-at-Large
  • Brandon Heck, FOX ’16, Director-at-Large
  • Alejandro Hohmann, FOX ’15, Director-at-Large
  • Merideth Ketterer, SMC ’16, Director-at-Large
  • Breanne McGovern, CPH ’11, Director-at-Large
  • Benjamin Palestino, SMC ’16, Director-at-Large
  • Freddie Saporito, STHM ’13, Director-at-Large
  • Nya Sturrup, SMC ’14, Director-at-Large

Upcoming Events

Jan 26

Temple Cheers to the New Year! Add to Calendar

The Greater Philadelphia Chapter and Alumni Societies host a combined "beat the post-holiday blues" party!

Feb 08

Temple University Student Alumni Association Night at Rothman Ice Rink Add to Calendar

Take over the Rothman Ice Rink at Dilworth Park with the SAA.

Mar 09

19th Annual Cherry and White Networking Night Add to Calendar

TUYA’s Cherry and White Networking Night is an opportunity to connect with fellow Temple University young alumni and further develop our #TEMPLEMADE professional networks.

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