Chicago Chapter of the TUAA

Even a slice of Chicago’s signature deep-dish pizza can’t reach the depths of affection that more than 1,500 alumni have for Temple! If you’re an alumnus or alumna who lives in the region of the Navy Pier and beyond, you’re automatically a member of this chapter.

Chicago Chapter of TUAA at football game watch

Chapter Planning Board

Nat Goodman, FOX '62, Chair
Rebecca Mutek, FOX '14, Social Media Chair
Karen Flannery, BBA '73
Frank Fusaro, FOX '13
Edward Hollinger, EDU '95
Steven Klein, EDU '70, '74
Alan Lessack, EDU '60, CLA '76
Edina Salus Lessack, BYR '60
Mark Michaels, CLA '73, '76
Dan Moody, KLN '79
Lillia Staverosky-Andrules, TFMA '14
Ganesh Nair, FOX '06

Upcoming Events

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