Alumni Relations Staff

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring we offer the best alumni programming, events and resources to our alumni, our most important asset. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything at all.

Lisa Vaccarelli

Lisa Vaccarelli
Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations
(215) 204-6446

Administrative Team

Gloria Easly

Gloria Easley
Finance Administrator
(215) 204-4314

Regina Smith

Regina Smith
Alumni Services Coordinator
(215) 204-7521

Alumni Events

Eliza Stasi

Eliza Stasi, THM ’08
Director, Alumni Events
(215) 204-4209

Lisa Vaccarelli Brittany Barish, KLN, '15
Coordinator, Alumni Events
(215) 204-3669

Chapters and Societies

Rosemary Connors

Rosemary Connors
Director, Chapter& Societies
(215) 204-5074

Shana McGlinchey

Shana McGlinchey
Associate Director, Chapter& Societies
(215) 926-2575

Emily Gallagheri

Emily Gallagher
Associate Director, Chapter& Societies
(215) 204-4323

Lisa Vaccarelli

Jeff Yurcan
Associate Director, Chapters & Societies
(215) 204-4606

School and College Programs

Lisa Vaccarelli Christine Brady, CLA '88, FOX '96, THM ’08
Director, School & College Programs
(215) 204-4313

Lisa Vaccarelli Lynn Gefsky
Associate Director, School & College Programs
(215) 204-2100

Students and Young Alumni

Lisa Vaccarelli

Michael Minetti
Director, Students & Young Alumni
(215) 204-4481

Lisa Vaccarelli

Josh Karp
Assistant Director, Students & Young Alumni
(215) 204-4293

Taylor Cobb

Taylor Cobb
Coordinator, Students & Young Alumni
(215) 204-4567

University Partnerships

Ellen Caccia

Ellen Caccia
Director, University Partnerships
(215) 204-4331

Maura McGlone Maura McGlone, STHM '14
Associate Director, University Partnerships
(215) 204-2064