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Whether you realize it or not, alumni play an important role in your student experience here at Temple. Did you meet an alumnus or alumna at a prospective student reception in your hometown? Did you notice that the Owl Team leaders stopped at Sullivan Hall during your orientation tour and shared a few fun facts about Russell Conwell? Did you find a class pennant and a note from the president of the Temple University Young Alumni Association (TUYA) in your dorm on move-in day? Without even knowing it, many students benefit from alumni who financially support student scholarships and student organizations. These are just a few of the many ways alumni shape your student experience here at Temple, starting before you even set foot on campus.

With a network of over 350,000 alumni worldwide, we’ve welcomed you as part of a global community that is Temple Proud and #TempleMade! As soon as you enter the iron gates of the university, you’re one of us. Temple alumni are always here for you.

Through our Student Alumni Association (TUSAA), #TUGradCountdown or the wide variety of events and programs the Office of Alumni Relations hosts to support students, harnessing the power of the Temple alumni community is one of the most important steps students can take to maximize the opportunities that lie ahead.