Establishing an Endowment at Temple 

"Temple did right by me and my son. Establishing an endowment is one way I have been able to say thank you. It also gives me an opportunity to increase its value once a year or more often as I see fit."
        -William M. Rinck, SBM '51

Endowments are critical to the mission of Temple University and have supported a wide array of needs since Temple was founded. An endowment at Temple is a designated account that is invested to produce income to fund the donor's wishes. Only the income from this fund is used while the principal of the account is preserved.

You can establish an endowment at Temple University as a legacy for the benefit of future students through a variety of means. For example, you may enter into a formal agreement with Temple that will stipulate the fund's name, objectives and specific provisions for income distributions.

An endowment at Temple University has the following features:

The minimum size gift to establish an endowment is $25,000. This can be paid over a period of years.

You can establish an endowment in your own name, in the name of your family business, or in honor of someone important to you.

You can specify how the endowment income will be used. You can direct the income to a particular school, college, department or program. If you so desire, you may limit the use of funds to a specific purpose such as scholarships, research, programs, maintenance, or equipment or library purchases.

Endowments can be funded through a variety or combination of means, including:


    -Securities, Real Estate

    -Will Bequest

    -Testamentary Trust Provision

    -Life Insurance

    -Charitable Trust

    -Gift Annuity

    -Pooled Income Fund

For more information, please contact Jeffrey Miller, Director of Stewardship Programs, at 215-926-2546 or e-mail